There’s such an abundance of wild garlic at the moment. I can smell it as soon as I walk out of my front door. I love garnishing dishes with the tiny white flowers that pack a garlicky punch and Sam and I try to make as much garlic butter as we can and store it in the freezer for the coming months.

Another favourite recipe of mine is wild garlic pesto, it’s super easy and can be used on your pasta, to dress salad. on top of a curry, finish off a roast lamb dish, anything that tickles your fancy really. You can't go to wrong with a bit of delicious garlic in your dish of choice… ok maybe not with your chocolate cake but who am I to judge?


Wild garlic and walnut pesto:

2 handfuls of wild garlic

100g toasted walnuts crushed in a pastel and mortar

100g parmesan cheese

2 lemons zest

generous pinch of salt

lemon juice to taste

300ml more or less, good quality oil of your choice. I like mild olive oil as I find extra virgin a bit much but the choice is up to you.


Whiz in a blender for a couple of seconds taste for lemon and salt and maybe add a bit more oil if it looks dry and bobs your uncle.