It has been a bit of a bonkers winter here on the south coast, we had roses blooming in December with balmy temperatures that almost felt like we weren't going to get a winter, then January arrived and suddenly I couldn't keep the house warm. By the start of Feb spring popped out of no where, daffodil's were everywhere and I've seen the first crocus this morning.

Sam and I love spring because of the variety of produce that starts to become available. It feels like a reawakening after a sleepy cold winter. Warming broths and pies are replaced by lighter dishes and after the first batch of seville orange marmalade is made you know that you will soon be seeing forced rhubarb and delicious, oh so seasonal blood oranges.

I'm a sucker for edible flowers and the pale yellow of primroses that are carpeting the floor at the moment brings a smile to my face and enhances any plate of food, stick them on your salads, finish your soup or garnish any pudding, they really bring a dish to life.

We've been stomping around the muddy fields and forests in Devon and whilst we're out walking the dogs we can smell the wild garlic before we see it. It's such a great ingredient, much gentler taste than a garlic bulb it makes great pesto and is a lovely addition to a green herb sauce.

Because there is such an abundance of it we like to make a wild garlic butter and keep it in the freezer for later months to slather over a bit of bread or melt on a steak.

We've been busy over the last few weeks taking bookings and getting ready for our wedding in August we've also been doing some small events. We had a lovely few days at the Gillyflower last week with Hannah and Ben who were on their honeymoon. Sam spent the day with them teaching them how to make bread and pasta and I cooked them a romantic dinner for 2.

We've got a 70th birthday dinner next week at Ellenglaze which should be fun as all of the family are flying in from as far afield as the states.

I hope everyone is enjoying all this lovely sunshine and keep your eye out for wild garlic next time you are out and about.